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Apps that Save the Smart Way

by Ashley

Who loves free apps? There’s thousands of different apps available to download and new ones always being created daily. Fortunately, there’s a good bunch that are essential, free, and can save money. With these apps, your monthly bill costs can be significantly lowered. Here’s are some top ones to download and check out.

Texts. Do you pay a great deal of money to receive and send unlimited texts? A few app creators came up with the genius idea of communicating with others via text – for free. KaKao Talk is a free app that allows the use to text and call anywhere for free. Pinger is also another free app that allows one to communicate with others, free of charge. The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to use your own phone number as they provide one for the use of their services. Other notable text apps include Textfree, textPlus, and WeChat. All should be free and some come with special notification alerts to indicate if a text was received. So if unlimited texts hurt your budget, this can be a good alternative to use and consider.

Music. A majority of us have relied on iTunes as a main outlet to extract music, but with a cost of course. While it’s only fair to pay for music that we listen to, there has been other apps out there that allows one to formulate playlists with their favorite songs on them. Spotify allows this option for users who want to sample music before they do choose to later purchase it. Janga is another player that allows users to skip songs continuously without limit. And there’s the popular Pandora that many people continue to use. These options serve as a great method to sample music, in full, before actually purchasing it – or you can just mooch off these apps and listen for free!

Coupons. Remember the days when people used to clip coupons? Fortunately, for us, we live in an age where coupons can be accessed digitally. The Coupons App provides access to hundreds of coupons for food and household items. The RxRelief Card app provides discounts of up to 75% on medications. Yowza!! also gives relief to home and food items, and keeps track of how much one can save.

Books. Who needs to buy books if you can read them on your phone or tablet? Amazon Kindle provides free books especially old classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Tom Sawyer, and Wuthering Heights. B&N eReader allows one to download and store books in iCloud so you can access your books for free on a handheld device or desktop. Borrowing or downloading books at your fingertips sounds more convenient than buying them in hard copy. It allows one to save a significant amount.

If you want to save a few bucks like I did, look into these apps that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. It will save you a good amount for life.

Ways to Ensure Savings for Retirement

by Ashley

For some people, it’s difficult to live comfortably after retirement, with debt piling up and waiting to be paid off. And unfortunately, the greatest complication that comes with that is ensuring that money will be there for the rest of your retirement. While retirement may be far away from our minds, it’s better to plan ahead to avoid this big headache. Here are some ways to go about ensuring that money is set aside.

Start saving. This is the most common phrase you will hear for most of your life and it’s true, in order to ensuring money in your account – start saving now. Break those unnecessary daily habits such as spending money on coffee and lunch. Focus on the needs rather than wants. And always check in how much you have in your savings account.

Social security. When you retire and have Social Security, you will most likely get some funds from there, in addition to your savings account. Don’t forget about your pension, 401(k), etc from your last employer. Those three options will end up being your source of income.

Plan your budget. Know that you need to save about 70% of what you earn to go to your savings. Ditch unnecessary expenses, it will hurt you in the long run. Approximately measure the amount of income you will need post-career. If you plan ahead before you retire, securing money wouldn’t be an issue. Just think about how you will live during your retirement years and pinpoint what’s important during that period of your life.

Pay off debt. Make sure you always pay bills on time and you will avoid being in debt during retirement. It’s the worse case scenario to be in debt because all the money you’ll get from SS, pension, etc. will go towards that and you’ll be then left with nothing.

With discipline and planning ahead of time, you won’t be stuck in a rut once you settle into retirement life.

Why Bulk Buying is Smart

by Ashley

It’s smart to do bulk buying, especially if you want to save major bucks on items that you frequently use on a daily basis. Especially if you have a large family, it would be smart to buy necessities such as food, household products, and prescriptions in mast quantity at affordable pricing. Here’s what you need to know about the perks of this particular practice.

Compare. When planning on bulk buying items, look into what is the current value of the item when bought individually. If you do bulk buying, notice that merchandise sell it well below retail competitors. The more you buy, the less each unit will cost you. Compare prices using accessible digital tools such Calc Nexus or PPU Calculator and then decide which scenario gives you a better deal. The purpose of this tactic is to figure out if the product size provides a great value for money.

Awareness. Be aware of the quality of the items you purchase. Some merchandise require short shelf life so if you and your family do not typically use the products, it’s best not to buy items that spoil too easily and quickly. But on the contrast viewpoint of this, bulk buying is more cheaper. Keep in mind, once you buy a lot, you need to learn to love it. Experts recommend purchasing bath essentials, storage, and little things such as gum when it comes to bulk buying.

It’s Green. Not only it saves money but bulk buying, but this method allows people to use materials less frequently, and possibly reuse storage containers. And in terms of produce, most are organic, making this option more pleasing.


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