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Vacations On A Budget

by Ashley

It’s about time you take that well-deserved getaway you’ve been wanting to take for some quite time. While vacations can be costly, there are ways to take some time off at a minimal budget. Here are some ways to tackle budget-friendly trips.

Road trip. Go on a road trip with friends or family. There’s so many places to see on the road even if you plan on just traveling within a few states away. I, myself drove down to Miami with family, from New Jersey; we saw so many landmarks that we would have missed if we took the plane ride over there. Plan it all: the budget, the sight seeing, etc. The vacation will undoubtedly be a memorable one.

Cruise. Take advantage of cruise deals that include packages, especially when you plan on going on a spontaneous getaway soon. Certain cruises, if not all, offer affordable deals if you decide to go on vacation. Keep on a look out on Cruise Expedia especially their last minute deals.

Local Tourist. Do you live in a city like LA, Boston, or NYC but haven’t seen all of the area, and always keep pushing it off to tomorrow or sometime in the future? Stop right there. Take a day or two and explore what’s in front of you. You deserve to have some me time or share it with someone else. It’s local so you won’t be spending as much as if you were traveling in another country, even state.

Volunteer. Giving back in a positive way while on vacation is the perfection combination for happiness. Volunteering provides the opportunity to see the world without spending too much money because a majority of volunteer agencies such as the Peace Corps and Help Exchange provide room and board; the only expense you need to take care of is your plane ticket and personal items.

These are alternatives to what people perceive as vacations. Even if the trip is small or local, make the most out of the experience. Cheers and happy trip!

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