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The Art of Couponing

by Ashley

We feel you – when you say that you would love to save money, and would be willing to go the distance to utilize every option possible to achieve this goal. Fortunately, coupons (still) exist, and many have taken this course of action to save major bucks, and some even declared it as a hobby.

The definition of couponing states that it’s, “the practice of distributing discount coupons to consumers as a form of product promotion.” It goes way back to 1887 when Coca-Cola distributed coupons to promote their beverages to the public. And then the Depression era came, and the practice dramatically rose up and people continue to still do it today.

There are lots of coupons up for grabs, if you know where to find them. Thanks to technology, they are available right at your fingertips, via phone or tablet. However, if you insist on going the old fashion way, they are accessible as well. Here are some methods to learn the art of couponing.

Print publications – Newspapers and magazines offer coupons if you look through their pages. Some Sunday newspapers, even contain booklets of them. It’s all about the setting aside the time to browse through them. Magazines such as Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping, and Parents feature coupon on their ad pages, making it accessible for readers.

Receipts – Think twice before tossing your receipts because a few offer printed coupons behind it. A few grocery stores offer this type of perk and it really saves on food and home items during future shopping visits.

Online – We get that you hate getting emails after you subscribe to consumer-related websites. However, there’s that option of congesting from daily to weekly or monthly emails to limit their emails flooding your inbox every day. Be sure to sign up at places and shops you frequently visit because being in the loop about their savings does save major bucks.

Snail mail – Every now and then, you get dozens of catalogs and flyers stuffed in your mailboxes on a weekly basis. Take the time to go through them on a weekend day, during your free time. You never know; you might find some coupons of value and put into good use for future purchases.

Product packaging – Remember looking into your cereal box and finding coupons stamped on the cardboard boxes? Or what about bottles that had printed savings aligned on their labels? Before tossing out packaging, peek around, especially if you are so keen on their items, you will have savings already for them. It’s a win-win situation.

Couponing is an effective marketing tool for companies who hope to drive in more consumers into purchasing their products. And good thing, it’s offered so easily to us now.


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